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About US
Explore why we made Avellite Digital, and what drives us to offer the levels of attentiveness and fairness that govern our business to this day.
As a growing business we understand the importance of a reliable and honest service.
Avellite was founded to provide better opportunities around consultation and support for small to medium sized businesses in Essex and the neighbouring counties.
Information Technology
Proactive business IT support specialising in modern apps and hybrid working.
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App and Web Development
Bespoke web and application development to suit all budgets.
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Impeccable service minus the greed.
We believe most support and consultation companies are losing sight of fair business practices.
As a part of our business we frequently speak with clients intending to migrate providers, and we hear first hand the stories of bad practice and unfair pricing. This is the reason we have structured our business around two main points.
No Long Term Contract Lock-ins.
We don't lock our clients into any long term contracts. We typically ask for a three-month initial term, then the rest is a monthly rolling contract. We are yet to lose a client, but if you wanted to move we will always aim to be helpful and fair until the end.
Complete Costing Fairness.
Every product or service we offer, as a company, is driven by sustainable internally moderated margins. This ensures we cannot offer unfair pricing to companies depending on niche, size, or otherwise. This approach offers fair growth for both our company and our client.
Company Guarantees
Regardless of the service, rest assured we will hold all our staff and processes to our three company guarantees.
Business Responsibility and Security
We hold our client's and our own business security and integrity in the highest regard; ensuring we are providing a secure, reliable, and ordered service to all our clients.
Superior Levels of Attentiveness
We will respond to all requests within 30-working minutes of their receipt and we will work tirelessly until the query is resolved. Gone are the days of lazy business services!
Fair and Transparent Service Pricing
Our pricing and billing is held to strict internal guidelines, with minimum contract lengths, which ensures our fees will be fair for all clients regardless of their size or project scope.
Our Inception
Identified the issues.
After working within various fields with multiple companies, we saw first hand the issues relating to ease of sourcing, cost effectiveness, and lengthy contracts.
Planned our approach.
We investigated a business model that would allow us to fairly offer the services we knew best and planned how we would market this to the neighbouring counties.
We launched and achieved our first client. Daniel Brewer Estate Agents of Essex. We helped them improve business operations and continue to this day to provide reliable digital marketing and IT Support.
We Paced Ourselves
We set ourselves a fixed length of time to ensure we could refine our internal processes, gather feedback and ensure that we were offering only the best in business support.
Word Of Mouth
We knew our services and approach was a hit, because even through we has only been trading a year we were fully sustained through client word of mouth.
Solutions Partnering
We successfully partnered with multiple big industry names to ensure the products we offer alongside our services are the best in the business.
This Year
Started Marketing
We have started marketing our business to the wider markets now so we can grow our business to facilitate the exciting future we have planned.
Our Project
We have a brilliant project set to be unveiled next year that we hope will benefit our clients and the wider world; and enable them to carry out their business operations more efficiently and cost effectively.
The Future
We want to expand our services into London, to help the many businesses saturated by costly London service pricing.
Client Success
See How We've Helped Our Clients.
We help clients throughout the UK improve their systems and services.
See some of our recent client success stories and find out why we're one of the chosen business support companies making a difference.
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Mac & Gray
Mac and Gray reached out to us for a cost effective method for them to be able to connect and offer services to their client; without having to make an expensive bespoke platform.
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