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Clear Accountants
Asked to update and restore a failing email system.
The Ask
Asked to update and restore a failing email system.
After a recent Rackspace intrusion, the client was left without an email system. We were asked to fully revamp, modernise and add advanced security to ensure email access was always available.
The Solution
Installed an enterprise grade email system with advanced security.
We ensured the clients data would always be accessible by swapping from an on-premises exchange service to a cloud based solution, provided the full suite of Microsoft applications, and added email security to ensure data was secure.
Installed an enterprise grade email system with advanced security.

We received a request from the client regarding their current email system failure. We looked into the issue and found that their provider, Rackspace (a multinational technology corporation) had received a cyber attack causing all their hosted exchange systems to become unavailable and potentially infected.

After some further research and enquiry on behalf of our client, we discovered it could be a long wait before data was restored. We provided our client a full set of options, and worked to ensure we could configure a framework which would give future contingency, reliability, and security.

We provisioned a Microsoft exchange environment with enhanced security features such as MFA and impenetrable passwords; as well as the full suite of Microsoft applications and an enterprise email security software that's used by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

Since the new systems installation we have restored access to the old emails from the failed system and prevented any more such events by protecting sensitive data and ensuring a sanitised and reliable workplace for the accountancy.

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How we approached this client.
Issues Identified
We arranged a meeting with our client to determine what issues were at hand; and what the best route was to get their emails back online.
Consultation and Research
We consulted with our client's previous service provider to determine restoration timeframes, and better understand the issues at hand.
System Configuration
After establishing the best route to implementation relative to our clients requirements; we setup, configured and secured the new email environment.
Introduction and Training
We visited our client in their offices to introduce them to the new systems, ensure they were comfortable with the changes; and validate the data we had migrated.
Ben is so easy to work with, diligent and efficient. He’s sorted out two computers and two websites for my business interests. He gives me the confidence to not worry about my limited knowledge of computers and other technology. Very professional in his approach I can’t recommend Avellite highly enough.
Tina Richardson, Director
Just some of the improvements included in this service.
Enhanced IT Security
By using a mixture of industry leading security software, IT security best practices, and a bespoke approach to each client; we readily ensure our client data remains secure and protected.
Improved Efficiency
Our solutions are tailored to each of our client's requirements - there is no 'one size fits all'. This ensures that our client's aren't paying for services they don't need, and have the tools they need to operate at peak efficiency.
Unrivalled Support
We aren't your typical IT support company; we strive to be proactive, friendly, and understanding regardless of the question or problem.
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