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Fuchsia Events
Problematic licencing structure, awkward mailbox structure, and more.
The Ask
Problematic licencing structure, awkward mailbox structure, and more.
Our client approached us to fix issues relating to licencing, clunky mailbox configurations, and inefficiency regarding account access.
The Solution
We revamped the email system, reduced cost, and increased usability.
After determining the ideal mailbox and licencing structure, understanding the staff's duties, and weighing security with usability - we successfully reconfigured their Microsoft ecosystem to improve security, increase productivity, and give a better collaborative stance.
We revamped the email system, reduced cost, and increased usability.

Our client approached us with reports of inconsistent login sessions, inconvenient licencing structures, costly pricing, and multiple errors. In response we visited the offices of our client to discuss options and find out more about how they use their system.

We started off by creating a new Microsoft environment to start anew, and provisioned a lean and efficient number of licences; providing full access to the entire Microsoft suite, cloud storage, and better email usability for each staff member at a reduced cost.

Reports of other systems configured by the previous provider came in, which we happily resolved on site the same day. Since the new systems inception, our client has seen an increase in reliability and usability of the system, and improved performance.

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How we approached this client.
Determined Requirements
We visited the Fuchsia offices to determine the problems, root causes, and issues and discussed the best way to implement a refined system. We determined that they would benefit from reconfigured shared mailboxes, dedicated accounts, and configured permissions based collaborative file storage.
Environment Configuration & Migration
After creating a plan of action that would not interrupt the email service, we began configuring the environments for system crossover. We decided on a staged migration process, transferring the majority of the information to the new systems prior to the final crossover to reduce disruption.
The System Switch
We chose a quiet Friday evening to initiate the transfer, we completed the transfer within 45 minutes and had the systems up and running within the hour. No email data was lost and all emails were validates as received.
Staff Introduction
We visited our clients premises to reconfigure their systems with the new services and give an introduction into what changes had been made.
Monitoring & Refinement
We continue to monitor all systems for Fuchsia and ensure their system is functioning at peak performance. We have implemented various minor changes since it's inception to ensure the service provides maximum efficiency for day-to-day operations.
Recently instructed Avellite to take on my IT services for the company. I have found them extremely efficient and knowledgeable. Working with Avellite is like having our very own in house IT department who cares for our needs as much as we do.
Nick Coleman, Director
Just some of the improvements included in this service.
Enhanced IT Security
By using a mixture of industry leading security software, IT security best practices, and a bespoke approach to each client; we readily ensure our client data remains secure and protected.
Unrivalled Support
We aren't your typical IT support company; we strive to be proactive, friendly, and understanding regardless of the question or problem.
Improved Efficiency
Our solutions are tailored to each of our client's requirements - there is no 'one size fits all'. This ensures that our client's aren't paying for services they don't need, and have the tools they need to operate at peak efficiency.
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